Laurie Snyder has 15 years of experience as a successful UX professional. Her goal is to make businesses more successful by making their websites and software more usable, useful and desirable for their customers.



  • Information architecture
  • User-interface design
  • User-experience strategy
  • Art direction
  • Presenting design rationale and user experience strategy to clients
  • Balancing the big picture and the details; seeing the relationship between current and future states
  • Collaborating with a multi-disciplinary team, as well as working independently
  • Able to understand and work within the technical constraints of HTML, Flash and other technologies

A large financial institution

Information architect (Jul 08 - present)
Information architect on the intranet team. Creates strategic visions and guides creation of new intranet features, based on user and business goals. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Interviewing users to determine appropriate site functionality or content structure
  • Managing design deliverables for AGILE projects
  • Presenting to stakeholders and building good working relationships with business partners
  • Analyzing how changes to intranet functionality will affect internal workflows
  • Re-organizing content and creation of standards for large scale site redesign
  • Recommending site navigation, site standards and design patterns
  • Creating flexible CMS templates that meet a variety of design needs

A large financial institution

Senior Web Designer (user-interface design) (Jan 02 - Jul 08)
Design lead in the user experience group of a large, corporate financial institution that utilizes a user-centered design methodology. Responsibilities included:

  • Providing art direction to other design teams
  • Leading project teams to create UI design standards and documentation.
  • Analysis of best practices for designing with AJAX and rich internet applications
  • Participating in major redesigns of Plan Sponsor and Institutional Investors site, including 401k transaction redesign
  • User-interface design for web-based applications
  • Designing from functional requirements
  • Rapid prototype development in HTML or Flash for usability testing


Director of Interactive Design (Sept 99 - Jan 02)
Main designer for a web design firm that specialized in pharmaceutical marketing websites. Responsibilities included:

  • Providing art direction to a junior designer
  • Presenting designs to clients
  • Competitive research, analysis and online strategy
  • Interviewing and guiding selection of new job candidates
  • Interactive design consulting to ad agencies
  • Translating client brand guidelines to the web
  • Information architecture - creating sitemaps, wireframes and site navigation

Designer (May 97 - Sept 99)
Web designer at an online music store. Designed UI of e-commerce store, as well as weekly music promotions.

Electronic Ink

Junior Designer (Oct 96 - May 97)
Junior designer at a user-interface design firm. User-interface and website design. HTML production.