Laurie Snyder has 15 years of experience as a successful UX professional. Her goal is to make businesses more successful by making their websites and software more usable, useful and desirable for their customers.

She has 10 solid years of experience working in a very user-centered design environment doing user-interface design and information architecture. Previously, she has designed solutions for a wide variety of projects including: marketing websites, corporate identities, database driven e-commerce sites and interactive Macromedia Flash content.

Her portfolio contains a diverse body of work. While working for CDNOW, she was able to capture the hip and youthful aspects of the entertainment industry; yet she still maintains a more classic sense of design for clients like Deloitte Consulting, Aventis Pharmaceuticals and the Vanguard Group.

Her education includes a BFA in traditional Graphic Design from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She has continued learning about various user experience topics, as well as business, design and technology. She prides herself on having a strong sense of curiousity and a constant need to learn new things.


“A true team player. Laurie looked beyond the immediate concerns of her part to make sure integration is spot on and the company's - not just her department's - goals are met.”

Dave Brown, New Business Development at CDNOW

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